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To grow the clinic, Tru Health needed to attract new patients, especially those with families. Our creative team developed a content strategy focused on educating potential patients. We optimized the content to earn the clinic a strong organic presence, ultimately attracting new leads and increasing revenue.

ROI & Growth Summer 2016–2017


Weekly increase in new patients


Weekly increase in new patient requests


Increase of new patient conversion rate

Dr. Justin Hoffman

RWL design was recommended very highly to me by a business associate. Our goal was to expand our clinic and help as many people in our local community as possible. To do this, we needed to reach more people looking for naturopathic health care solutions. We felt creating a strong content strategy was a must.

Internally we didn’t have the bandwidth or expertise to execute such a major marketing campaign. RWL Design’s creative team embraced our clinic’s mission and brand voice. They formulated a comprehensive content strategy that successfully increased our website’s online presence and significantly increased our patient base as well as our overall sales.

Choosing to work with RWL design was the smartest, and single most important decision we have ever made for our business.

Dr. Justin Hoffman, ND, NMD • Co-Founder, Tru Health Medicine

The Goal

Increase New Patients in Their Target Demographic

Tru Health wanted to build upon its already strong reputation as a natural alternative to traditional medicine, so it could increase brand awareness and attract news patients.

The Solution

Content Strategy

An SEO Rich Content Marketing Strategy

Taking a three-pronged approach to content marketing, our creative team worked closely with Tru Health to develop a relevant blog post content calendar, create a system for integrating social media with the clinic’s web efforts, and identify copy that could to be better optimized.

We combined these efforts with a dedicated strategy to make the content useful and relevant to Tru Health's ideal customers.

Research included reviewing Google Analytics, facilitating discussions on what services and demographics were paramount for new growth, and discovering how potential patients were looking online for the topics in the content calendar.

Our 3-Part Content Marketing Strategy

Content Calendar
1. SEO Driven Content Calendar

Through SEO rich blog posts, we provided valuable information to patients while boosting the local and organic reach of Tru Health’s website overall. Creating a content calendar based primarily on Tru Health’s services, we broadened the brand’s digital footprint in those specific areas.

Additionally, we interspersed human interest pieces focused on healthy recipes, timely events, and local activities. This allowed us to incorporate local terms to improve local search results.

Social Media Consulting
2. Social Media Integration

We created content and images to work with Tru Health’s existing social media platforms. We then crafted unique social shares for each post, scheduling, publishing, and monitoring those shares as needed.

Additionally, we linked Facebook comments to their corresponding blog posts. And, we sparked the online conversation by commenting first with a question or value statement.

Content Optimizing
3. Optimizing Existing Copy

We identified posts with high page views and uncharacteristically high bounce rates. We then optimized those posts by updating headers to improve readability, adding images to increase interest, and updating call-to-actions to encourage engagement. We also added robust hyperlinks to relevant content, broke up long paragraphs, and updated the opening statement to better capture each visitor’s attention.

The Result

A Substantial Increase in Sales

One year following the launch of their content marketing strategy, Tru Health saw a drastic increase in site traffic, with a 79.08% jump in Unique Page Views and less than a 15% increase in bounce rate.

This increased traffic led to more leads at a higher conversion rate. It ultimately resulted in a 333% increase in new patients weekly.

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Content Optimizing

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