The Redlands Symphony website had become outdated. To help the symphony provide the best possible user experience and ensure their new site would be relevant moving forward, we completely rebuilt it.

Utilizing best practices, we made the site functional across multiple mediums including smartphones, tablets and laptops. We made frequently searched for details, such as event and concert dates, easy to find. We also added a display for tablets and laptops which showed visitors if the Redlands Symphony offices were open or closed. Additionally, we updated the site’s search function to allow users to quickly find information.

Improving the integration of Facebook, twitter and their e-newsletter service, we increased user engagement. Integrating their updated branding, we helped them create a cohesive identity.

By enhancing the backend functionality, we gave them additional flexibility moving forward. This allows them to update their branding seasonally and affordably add new functions to their site as needed.

Services Provided

  • Design
  • Development
  • Copywriting Editing
  • Project Management