About this time of year people start thinking about what to do differently in the new year. We plan for new tasks, new goals, and new ideas, but most fall by the wayside within a few days.

Last year we decided to try a different kind of resolution that not only had staying power, but grew over the year: Regular Giving.

We have always tried to make giving a regular practice, but it was hit or miss. You get busy, things get tight, or any number of other reasons can put the practice on hold. We recognized this and wanted to do things differently.

Our goal last year was to start giving our first 5% on all profit. What we found is that giving that amount really did not make a hardship, but forged new relationships and friendships with local organizations - so much so, that by the end of the first quarter, we doubled it to 10%. Why? Because we found a cause worth supporting and one that we could identify with.

In 2006 we started RWL Design because we had a passion for design and the need to provide for our families. We had just moved to a new area, but job offers were located far away where it would be impractical to commute (telecommuting was not as it is today). So we took a leap of faith, followed our hearts, and set out on an adventure to start something worthwhile. Thankfully, it worked and we had the support to get started.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people in the world who want to do the same thing but lack the means to do so. They want to use the skills they have to build a business, serve their community, and provide for their families, but they face the burden of extreme poverty.

Enter our new friends, World Concern. They work around the world to help people in many ways. One way in particular really touches out heart: creating micro loans to help people build businesses.

World Concern enables entrepreneurs in extreme poverty to build opportunities that create sustainable jobs for whole communities. People in Asia, Africa and the Americas are able to start and grow businesses to hire local neighbors and help bring entire communities out of poverty.

Even small gifts can make a big difference over time. So we challenge you to honestly consider giving regularly to a cause. Check out World Concern, it is a great place to start and learn about what can be done to help people around the world. Plus, they make it easy to give.

Also, if you have started a successful business, SaaS, or PaaS, it makes sense to enable others like you to follow their hearts and make a living.

So as you get ready for the new year, get ready to give and find joy in becoming an enabler of something good.

If you are curious about the myriad ways World Concern helps people worldwide - from clean water to disaster relief and more - find them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.