Providing awesome content for your customers makes your business a rock star.

It butters your bread with that sweet honey we call success. Nathan Safran in his recent post, “How to Get Over the One Hurdle Keeping You From Creating Awesome Content,” points out that recent search engine algorithm changes have made quality content king.

Additionally, Social Media has developed into a legitimate content discovery platform. Reaching customers through interactive sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is not just a whim. It’s key.

But this success hinges on your ability to answer the question: “How am I adding genuine value?”

This is a problem most businesses face. They fail to give their customers valuable content on a regular basis. They do a lot of pre-planning. They get off to a great start. And then they fall flat.

Why? Because their focus after the pre-planning stage is primarily spent creating content rather than brainstorming what would actually benefit their customers?

How much time should your business devote to brainstorming verses creating valuable content? Safran says the ratio should be roughly 3-to-1. We tend to agree – with the caveat that part of your brainstorming time should include reviewing your analytics.

Curious to learn more about why content is king? Read Safran’s full article here.

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