Taking Abraham Lincoln’s advice, our team decided to take a moment to consider what we’re thankful for this year. These are some of the highlights:

Ryan – I’m incredibly thankful for my neighbors. We moved this year and the folks next door are awesome. They’re so into Christmas their house reminds me of Clark Griswold’s. And, they’re so kind they helped me hang my lights! I’m thankful for having a team I can depend on and work well with. I’m thankful for my customers and clients, an incredible group committed to succeeding. I’m thankful for my family who’s a tad bit crazy, in all the right ways. I’m thankful for a cool furry friend who hangs out with me during the day. And, I’m incredibly thankful for my wife Jenny, who is loving and supportive as I live this crazy dream of running my own business.

Mikaela – I’m thankful for waking up to coffee brewing in the kitchen and breakfasts of toast topped with smashed avocado. I’m thankful for mother-daughter lunch dates and the business articles my dad sends me. (They are annotated with small notes like, “Paragraph two really made me think.”) I’m thankful for clean sheets after a hot shower and warm slippers on a cold day. I’m thankful for evenings filled with so much laughter my tummy is sore the following day. But most of all, I’m thankful my life is filled with love, with amazing individuals fill me to the brim and pick me up when I fall down.

Greg – I am thankful for a healthy family, my mom turning 90 this year, and that it’s finally snowing in the mountains.

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