As we were building the rss feed for our journal, we came across an issue getting the right link from the rss feed to the actual post.

For those Rubists, you can see we have nested the rescources for posts under journals by:

map.resources :journals, :has_many => :posts

Since we could not get the right link to work. we remembered a nice feature:

rake routes

This will display all routes in your app.

Since we needed a nested link, we found:


If you wanted to direct to show.rss.builder instead. We were ok with just an index rss, so did:

journal_post_path(journal, post)

Now when you read your rss reader and take a look at the feed, if you click on a post link, it goes right to the post.


Just saw that on rails edge, formatted routes are being deprecated. So forget that plug about formatted routes above.

They will be handled like this in 2.3/3.0

journal_post_path([journal, post], :format => :rss)