It’s easy to forget about taking breaks. When you dive head first into a workday, you can get so caught up in crossing things off your to-do list that you lose sight of everything else. While we’re all for being productive, we’re also huge advocates of stepping away from your desk from time to time. We’re especially fond of breaks that involve coffee.

Halloween is a perfect day for a coffee break. Typically, it’s a low stress day when there aren’t an abundance of calls to make and appointments to meet. Why not take advantage of it and have a cup of jo?

To give our caffeine a little extra pick-me-up we often like to sip our brew while taking a stroll. Here in Edmonds, our favorite spot is Yost Park. It offers multiple walking trails through native vegetation.

Need a little extra convincing to press pause on the time clock? The pendulum is currently in favor of coffee. The experts will probably change their tune in a year or so, but for now they’re supporting our habit.

Happy Halloween y’all!