The belle of social media, Facebook engagement can feel like an elusive and expensive line item.

For many, getting comments, clicks, likes, and shares feels like an uphill battle. And, what do these stats really do for your business? Does all that engagement actually help your bottom line?

Yep! (At least in most cases.)

Why Social Media Engagement Matters (the simplistic way to build trust and loyalty)

Comments and engagement help build trust

Social media has infused itself into the framework of daily lives. That’s the nature of the beast. From swiping left to buying coffee with an app, most of us are digitally connected throughout the majority of our waking hours.

Though customers have moved into the digital sphere, the importance of a personal connection hasn’t diminished. It’s increased. What’s changed is how we connect with our customers.

Social media engagement matters because it allows us to connect with your customers on a personal level.

Social media engagement matters because it allows us to connect with your customers on a personal level.Click to Tweet

Handshakes are still nice. Face-to-face interaction still forms the strongest bond. But these types of connections aren’t always an option. Social media lets you meet your customers where they are right now.

Increased Engagement Supercharges Sales (the ultimate truth about how social influences your bottom line)

comenting with friends

We could get all rah-rah about page likes and post comments. Some marketers love to pound their chest over stats.

Unfortunately, tracking the true ROI of social media engagement is darn near impossible. The same holds true of all forms of advertising. This includes getting coffee with a client, sending a personal note, and publishing a TV ad.

Does one single effort result in a sale? Typically not. A good rule of thumb is it takes seven positive interactions with a potential customer to result in a sale.

Rule of Thumb: It takes seven positive interactions with a potential customer to result in a sale.Click to Tweet

To Facebook, positive engagement with your posts signals that your fans want what you’re offering. This means your content is more likely to show up in your fans’ newsfeeds – effectively increasing the number of “touches”.

Linking Facebook Comments to Blog Posts (the hidden opportunity you might be missing out on)

commenting on Facebook

NOTE: The following “hidden” opportunity is designed for those businesses using Facebook. But, Facebook isn’t the best social media platform for everyone. If you have a technical business, you might find focusing your efforts on Disqus to be more benefitial. If you sell DIY tutorials, focusing on Pinterest may be best. From boosting posts and targeted ads to @mentions and live video, keeping up with the how-tos can feel more than a bit overwhelming. And then, there are Facebook apps. These programs are built from complex code that integrates with your page.

Hold onto your knickers. We’re not going to ask you to code anything. Promise.

Facebook apps can let you do a lot of things, like host contests and share games. They can also allow you to connect comments on a blog post with comments on a corresponding Facebook post. Hello two-for-one! This incredible opportunity lets you showcase and increase fan engagement.

Connecting blog comments with Facebook posts lets you showcase and increase fan engagement.Click to Tweet

Boosting Sales

One of our events-based clients needed help boosting ticket sales and attracting new donors. As part of their content strategy update, we optimized their website with the Facebook comment share app. We combined this effort with organic videos published to their Facebook page. Within eight days, we saw comments more than double, link clicks nearly triple, and a 66% increase in shopping cart visits.

Don’t Miss Out on This Hidden Opportunity

The sooner you connect your Facebook and blog post comments, the sooner you can start benefiting. Using Facebook’s Developer tools, our creative team can quickly and easily let you start benefiting from this “hidden” opportunity.

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