Boosting a Facebook post can be a highly effective tool. If you missed our last journal entry about how it works and the advantages boosting can give your business, you can still read about it here.

But, as you start dabbling in the world of Facebook advertising and are looking for an even better return on your investment (ROI), Facebook ads are the next logical step.

Your Facebook ad can appear as a snippet promotion on the right sidebar of a users’ platforms. It can be there whether they’re viewing your page, another page, a profile or their news feed. Or, your ad could appear as a sponsored story within users’ news feeds.

Regardless of where your ad appears, to create one, you’ll have to first set up a Facebook Ads account. While it’s not too difficult, it does take a few steps. We’ve broken them down.

Note: These are instructions from March 2014.

1 – Sign In

Duh. We know. As silly as it sounds, some folks forget.

2 – Visit Your Ad Manager Page

Your Ad Manager Page is a dashboard for managing all your Facebook ads. It can be found here: http://www.facebook.com/ads/manage/

Because this is the first time you are accessing it, there will not be any ads listed. Don’t worry. This is normal.

3 – Setup Bill Payment

Everyone wants his or her cut, even Facebook. On the left hand sidebar, select “Billing” and then “Payment Methods.” At this point Facebook will ask you for your password again. Again, don’t worry. This is for your protection.

Once you’ve entered your password, you’ll be directed back to the Ads Manager dashboard. Select “Add New Payment Method.” This is where you’ll be able to select to pay with a credit or debt card, Pay Pall or a Facebook Ad Coupon.

4 – Begin Advertising

Like we said, setting up your Ads Manager account is relatively simple. Stay tuned next week for information about how to design a successful Facebook ad.