In technical terms, a session duration is the amount of time a user spends on your page before leaving. There is no limit to how long a session duration can be. But studies have shown the longer a visitor is on your page, the more likely th ey are to engage with your business.

In essence, a session duration is like a coffee date with a friend. The better and more interesting the conversation – the longer the date.

Increasing Session Duration

There are a variety of factors that influence a visitor’s time on page. But ultimately it comes down to capturing and holding their attention.

To do so, you need to share good content – valuable content – content people actually need. For the sake of this post, let’s assume you’re sharing great content full of helpful information.

What we’re going to address is how you present information. Because directly influences how effectively you engage your audience.

The following keys can be used to update past content and format new content.

5 Sentence Paragraph Max

Think about the classics you read in school, like The Odyssey and War and Peace. They were comprised of long, dense paragraphs that were hard to get through.

Visitors aren’t going to read a novel. Most will skim your content. By keeping all of your paragraphs to no more than five sentences, you keep it more “skim friendly.”

Use Headers

Headers provide an outline. They are eye-catching snippets that allow visitors to quickly process what your content is about.

Make your headers clear and direct. Aim for them to be no more than 60 characters in length. And, make them visually stand out from the rest of the text.

Skip the Fluff

Enough said.

Use Pertinent Images

In a lot of ways, your visitors are like toddlers. Their attention span is limited. And, they go gaga over pictures.

Try to incorporate more than one picture on the page. Use images that relate to your topic. And, place them in staggered succession to keep visitors scrolling.

adorable puppy tries to read computer

Add Image Descriptions

Image descriptions have been shown to increase session duration. But, don’t simply repeat what you’re already saying.

This space is best used to add to the conversation. Describe what’s happening in the image while adding a helpful tidbit (this is also a boon for accessibility).

Incorporate Lists

Lists, like the one you’re reading, are another great formatting choice. Readers have an easier time skimming and processing text that’s broken up into a succession of items.


Video is one of those elements that’s just not always possible. However, when it is – it’s a rock star.

It hits so many of your visitor’s senses, encouraging them to keep watching, staying on your page, and engaging with your business.


Ultimately, the question is: Are your visitors staying on the page long enough to take the action you want them to take?

That is why good analytics are key to making the most of your session duration. Do the call-to-actions need to be higher on the page? Are users trying to click on page elements that aren’t clickable?

Reviewing your page structure, making your goals clear, and observing what your users are doing will help make your session duration meaningful and increase your conversion rate.

Do you need help making it happen?

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