Sometimes we want to help, but aren’t quite sure how. When there’s a business or organization in which we really believe, spreading the word is sometimes more valuable than making a donation.

In the land of Facebook, spreading the word is known as “reach.” Reach is a number that indicates how many Facebook users (aka potential consumers and donors) have seen the same content.

The organization you support will undoubtedly welcome all forms of Facebook engagement. But, some forms of engagement provide more reach than others. These actions will provide the most help:


Likes and comments are always appreciated, but shares offer a Facebook page the most reach. In earlier renditions of Facebook’s news feed algorithm, your friends had the potential to be alerted simply when you liked or commented on a post. That’s no longer the typical case.

Each Facebook user has more than 15,000 potential items that could appear in their news feed. Facebook considers something more important if you share it, thus it’s more likely you’ll see

Best Bang For Your Effort: Share + Like + Comment

2. Comment with Intention

While comments don’t provide as much reach as a share, they still increase engagement – effectively increasing how relevant Facebook considers your post.

A simple blanket statement will do, but a more thoughtful comment can help to spark others to participate. By asking a question or sharing a thought, you’ll help to encourage others to do so too.

Additionally, @mentions help to increase the reach of the post. Within the comment, you can type the “@” sign followed – without a space – by the name of one of your Facebook friends. As you begin typing the name a drop down menu will appear, revealing a list of potential individuals. Select the appropriate one and it will create a hyperlink to them within your comment. Facebook will send them an alert, encouraging them to view the post.

Best Bang For Your Effort: Comment with an @Mention

3. Check-In

If the organization has a physical address, another great way to increase reach is to check-in when you visit. Include a picture to increase the reach of your own post. A selfie or something personal typically will get the most response. And, in your snippet about why you’re there, you can @mention the page. This gives potential viewers two hyperlinks directly to the organization you’re supporting.

Best Bang For Your Effort: Check-in with Picture + @Mention

How Else Can You Be Helpful?

Become an awesome content curator. Help supply your organization with great photos they can use on their social media channels.

Yes, I want to learn to take great photos so I can be an awesome content curator.