We Love the iPad Because of GoodReader

GoodReader makes reading pdfs a breeze on the iPad. Even better, it makes it easy to get them.

Take the Rails Magazine for example.

  1. Open up GoodReader
  2. Tap Web Downloads
  3. Tap Enter URL
  4. Paste or type in http://pdf.railsmagazine.com/rails-magazine-issue6.pdf
  5. Click OK

GoodReader will then download the pdf to your iPad and you can read it, archive it, or send it to you DropBox.

Or better yet...

  1. Click Manage Files
  2. Select the Rails Magazine
  3. Tap Open in..
  4. Select iBooks

Now your lovely airplane or bus reading is a part of your iTunes Library.

Thank you GoodReader for being a great example of good design