How to Leverage SEO

Gain new sales and increase profits with a strong web presence. Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing and website optimization, you’ll raise your Google ranking thereby increasing traffic on your website.

Could you optimize your own website? Perhaps. However, you have a business to run. Leveraging a reliable SEO professional will help you successfully raise your site’s organic and paid search results without consuming your time. (Organic results are determined by complex equations which verify your site’s relevancy. Paid results come from paying a Search Engine for your listing. Paid results are typically listed in a different format to distinguish them to a user.)

Implementing a strong SEO presence can take at least six months to see results. If you plan to increase your website’s traffic by the holidays, now is the time to talk with an SEO professional.

Here are 5 qualities to look for in a reputable SEO professional:

They are Google Analytics or Adwords Certified:
These certifications are a good, quick way to ensure they know Google’s best practices to maximize your results.

They have an emphasis on Analytics:
The best Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO professionals leverage website tracking solutions. This allows them to see how editing your site’s content affects your site’s ranking and readability.

They balance SEO and User Readability:
The best SEO writers also have a keen eye for reader friendly content. Look for an SEO professional who recommends a thoughtful balance between SEO and reader friendly writing. This improves readability and relevancy while making your site authoritative to Google.

They look beyond the page:
Off site optimization, social media, local pages, and other third-party services all help build page authority. A strong professional will recognize this significance and help you harness it.

They translate how you want to be found into how customers try to find you:
There is a big difference in search volume and competitiveness when it comes to deciding how to focus your SEO. A reliable professional has the ability to see the forest for the trees and help you discover the best way to reconcile how you want to be found with how customers are trying to find you.