Tweet better. Engage more. Grow your audience.

Sound good? We think so too. Unfortunately, the how isn’t a simple equation. Like Facebook newsfeeds and Google search results, Twitter feeds are dictated by an algorithm only a handful of people know.

Luckily, we can learn a lot by looking at those who are using Twitter effectively. We’ve rounded up nine tweets that have been successful. Take a gander at the tweets below. Then, let your creativity run wild.

Here, Michael Brenner’s tweet is short. It speaks to a desire most people have. And, it includes a link so you can learn more.

This tweet uses two really effective techniques. First, it’s timely. Second, the image is fun. Everyone loves to share things that are fun.

A picture’s worth 1,000 words. Or in this case, 300+ retweets. Tim Durkan’s stunning picture from New Year’s Eve was relevant and it was paired with a popular #hashtag.

This Moz tweet is nearly the ultimate in tweet perfection. It speaks to a desire, offers a link to fulfill it, mentions a well-respected author, and includes an engaging image.

In this tweet, Amy Porterfield puts a new twist on New Year’s resolutions. Additionally, she reinforces that if you follow her seven tips you’ll have an amazing new year.

This endorsement tweet shows a fellow Twitter user some love and incorporates one fun and two relevant #hashtags.

Here, American Airlines humanizes its brand by showcasing its employees. Additionally, they gave a shout-out to a local museum.

In 2010, Canlis made social media history with their Canlis Menus campaign. Using Twitter, they lead Seattle foodies on a massive, multi-day scavenger hunt for 50 menus. By sharing a series of hints, they engaged customers far beyond the simple retweet.

This tweet asks a question, answers the question and provides a link to the solution.

Seen a tweet you love lately? Share it with us!