Remember the days of “You’ve Got Mail”? The days when the Internet was new and consumers were as enthused to see their inbox filled with promotional updates as they were by the e-note from mom?

Times have changed. The ‘90s were over a decade ago. Scary.

But, time haven’t changed that much. The rumor that email marketing is dead, is wrong. While best practices have been created and tactics have changed, the truth remains the same – a well-vetted email list is a boon for your business.

Among one of the most useful best practices is the requirement that each recipient on your email list opt-in. Yes, this can limit the size of your list. But the advantages are immense. By cultivating a list of individuals who have opted-in, you create a list of people who identify themselves as your target audience. This allows you to use email marketing to:

Email Marketing Lets You Easily Reach Mobile Customers

The smartphone isn’t just a trendy gadget. It’s become a tool on which folks throughout the US depend. Today, it’s more common someone will use their phone to check their email than a desktop computer.

As a business, utilizing email marketing lets you get directly in front of your customers and prospects - just make sure your html email templates are mobile-friendly.

Email Marketing Lets You Customize Your Message

As you spend more time communicating with your audience, you’ll learn more about them. And most likely, your email list will grow. Gathering and tracking that information lets you segment your lists to deliver customized messages.

Email Marketing Can Drive Immediate Sales

Because of email’s immediacy, you can quickly drive in-store and online sales through a simple announcement. Create additional interest by placing an expiration date on the “deal” and more folks will be enticed to buy.

Email Marketing Can Be Less Expensive

Email marketing is not free. You need someone to write the copy, manage your email list, design and format your eblasts, and review each eblast’s performance. However, email marketing can be a lot less expensive than other forms of marketing, such as direct mail marketing. Stamps, paper, and printing cost money. So too do TV and radio ads. With email marketing you don’t have that additional overhead.

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