How to get the best return on your marketing investment is a concern for every business. And, rightly so. No matter where your marketing dollars go, you want to get the best bang for your buck. We’re totally on board with this. That’s why we put together a list of tips to help you maximize those George Washingtons.

Use Demographic Targeting

Hands down, demographic targeting is the most important aspect of your Facebook ad campaign. Why? Because Facebook is a database hub. As marketers, it’s the kind of prospect access about which we could only previously dream. Facebook literally allows you identify your target audience down to their age, gender, place of origin, current residence, personal interests, education level, pre-determined connections and more.

This eliminates the need for mass marketing. The quickest way to waste your marketing budget down the drain is to market to every Tom, Dick and Harry. By utilizing demographic targeting, you don’t have to.

Develop Creative Ad Copy

As you develop your ad copy, you need to constantly be aware of your character limits. While maximum character lengths do vary from format to format, your ad will render the best at all times if it maintains maximum of:

  • 25 characters for the title
  • 90 characters for the text

Beyond fitting your message into the pre-described box, you want to be sure you’re not just saying, “Buy from me! Buy from me! Buy from me!” Your ad should:

  • Deliver One Message – Even if you have lots of items to market, narrow it down to just one for each ad. If you want to market additional products or services, make another ad. There isn’t enough space or audience attention span to warrant a longer ad.
  • A Value Proposition – Tell your audience exactly what you’re offering and why they would find it valuable.
  • A Call-to-Action – Invite them to take advantage of the offer. Don’t over write. There’s not enough room.

Share Effective Images

The right image takes your Facebook ad from relevant to compelling in a heartbeat. It attracts attention, conveys emotion and encourages engagement. While you have a maximum character count, your image can deliver a snapshot story of who your prospect will be with your product. It can evoke a sense of what they’ll accomplish with your service. The right image sells.

Test. Test. Test.

It’s rare that a marketing campaign hits it out of the park on the first go-around. Testing and tracking your results is imperative. Luckily, Facebook Ad Accounts are equipped with a great analytics. This allows you to see the effectiveness of each ads.

To begin with, set your budget small. Create an ad and watch how it performs. Gradually make changes to your ads’ demographic targeting, language and/or image. As you test new approaches, keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Once you have a good grasp of what your target audience will respond to, then consider expanding your budget.