How do you know if your holiday promotion was a success?

(Yes. We’re still sweltering in the summer heat. But, the holidays are coming people. Start planning!)

This isn’t a casual question. When you invest time and resources in creating a holiday promotion, how will you know what your return on investment (ROI) is?

If you don’t have any way to track the promotion’s results, you won’t. You might see a huge spike in sales, but you won’t know if it was the result of your promotion or your fabulous customer service throughout the year.

Why’s this a problem? Because looking at your previous ROI allows you to make educated decisions about future promotions.

To help you, we’ve outlined three of our favorite ways to track holiday promotions:

Special Landing Page

Direct all track for your holiday promotion to a special landing page on your website. Equip the landing page with Google Analytics so you can track how many people visit, how long they stayed, if they converted, and where they came from.

The Key: Do not link to this special landing page from anywhere on your site. This will ensure the only way visitors can get to this unique landing page is through your promotion.

Customized Phone Number

Phone services, like CallRail, allow you to generate a custom phone number that redirects to your main line and track how often that number is used. Utilize this custom number on your promotional material, such as a holiday post card. Then, you can compare the number of people who called using your unique number to your total call volume.

The phone number can also be installed on a landing page as well - or better yet, a second custom phone number.

If you utilize Google Adwords, you can also make use of custom Google phone numbers to track mobile conversions on your ads.

The Key: Only share the unique number through one promotion.

Unique Coupon

Create a unique coupon code for your holiday promotion. Share it with your most valued customers through a holiday e-blast. Then, track all orders processed with the code.

The Key: Keep the code simple. You don’t want to make it so hard your customers won’t use it. Something like “HolidayLove” or “Joy2015” would work perfectly.

Conclusion: Play it Smart

Again, the holidays are a big opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships and make extra sales before the end of the year. Go the extra mile. Put the proper protocols in place to get the most out of your efforts so you can maximize your success.

Have additional question about how to track your holiday promotion? Contact us today.