Summer feels like the perfect time to relax and grill out. It is. But, it’s also the best time to make sure you are ready for the holidays.

Last July we talked about how to review and scale your web presence. You can read that post here. The quick and dirty recap is: evaluate your past performances and identify where your website needs more bandwidth.

What else should you be thinking about? Communicating.

Whether the holidays are your busiest sales time or not, they are the perfect time to communicate with your customers. Happy holiday cards or come-celebrate-with-us invitations are both non-threatening, non-invasive and completely relevant ways to touch your customers.

You don’t need to offer them a discount. You don’t need to give them something free. (Though your customers will probably love both of these.) Successfully touching your customers means reaching them in a memorable way with something of value. This can be as simple as sending a postcard with a heartwarming quote.

Keep in mind, when you’re planning your holiday touches, your message and images should be consistent with your branding.

We repeat – your message and images should be consistent with your branding.

You’ve spent a lot of time and money developing a strong brand. Don’t just kick it to the curb.

We have some planning – and grilling – to get to. Don’t you?

If you have questions about planning or just want Ryan’s recipe for cedar plank grilled salmon, shoot us an email. He’ll share. We promise.