We’re just going to throw it out there right now – this journal entry isn’t about how to improve your copywriting, measure your website analytics or better connect with customers. This journal entry is about something much more personal – your body and health.

Here at RWL Design, we know how important it is to take care of yourself. Human bodies are like incredible, Skynet-advanced computer servers – what they can do and the places they can take us are amazing. Unfortunately, the nature of what we do requires a lot of screen time and can make it challenging to take care of our health.

Does your job also require you to spend multiple hours in front of your computer? If so, you can probably relate to the challenges of sitting – the back, hip, and shoulder pain. After a while it can get pretty intense. And, this can significantly reduce productivity.

However, we believe in creative problem solving. This is why we’re HUGE fans of standing desks

Standing desks get you out of your chair and on your feet. For us, they were the perfect body-loving, pain-removing solution.

Thinking about taking the stand? While standing desks are fantastic, they aren’t all peaches and cream. In the last couple years since converting to a standing desk office, we’ve learned a few tips that will help your make your transition a smooth one.

Standing Desk Tips

Purchasing a Standing Desk

There are a wide variety of standing desk options. Some are platforms that sit on your existing desk. Some are simply desks with longer legs. And, some are adjustable, allowing you to lower and raise them as desired.

In addition, you can go the DIY (do-it-yourself) route, by simply purchasing cinder blocks, on which you can set your existing desk. If you’re unsure how tall your desk should be, this is an especially good transitional move while you test different heights. This worked for us and is an affordable way to start. Plus you get feel all hipster, start-up, problem-solver cool.

Remember You’ll Still Need to Sit Some

While we’re clearly fans of the standing desk, we also recognize that you can only stand for so long. You’ll want to have a space in your office where you can also rest your feet and legs. Conference tables, couches, or our favorite leather chair work well.

Stand on a Padded Mat

Greeters at megastores have known this for ages – standing on a padded mat significantly reduces the stress placed on your joints while standing. Place one beneath your desk and let your feet reveal in the glory of a soft cushion. Amazon is the place to go.

Consider a Wireless Headset

Standing can make you want to pace a little. This is great for your joints, increases productivity, and stimulates creativity. Rather than a phone cord tethering you in place, a wireless headset allows you to pace.

Do you have any standing desk tips? We’d love to hear them. Shoot us a tweet at: @RWLdesign